Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yesterday turned out pretty rough. The guide book lied to me...or at least there weren't any signs to prove it right. I had planned to stay a few miles past Neels Gap where it said there was camping and a water source. No luck, didn't see either. Ended up hiking 5 miles further than I planned, scrambling for water and trying to pitch a tent in freezing winds. Had to lay on the tent to put the stakes in. Barely got my stove lit because of the wind, but managed to eat, hang my food, and dive into my tent. Slept ok, pretty warm for the most part. This morning was terrible. My tent was covered in frost, all my water frozen solid, all my food frozen. I was slowwww moving. Ended up really nice though, you know around 11 am, when I could feel my fingers again. Logged a solid 15 miles and camped just north of Helen. 51 or so miles in. Hope all is well in the real world!

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  1. You sir are the man. Thanks for all of the updates and keep on crushing!