Monday, June 10, 2013

NYC and beyond

Pretty much as soon as I stepped into New York, the terrain let me know it. Definitely a lot more ups and downs than I've had in a while. Slower, harder miles for sure.

Decided to take the day off and hopped the bus out of Greenwood Lake into NYC for the day. Saw the major sites...Times Square, Central Park, Empire State. I made some street friends, ate a bunch of pizza and random street food, walked a lot of miles, and then hopped the bus back into town. So much for the day off. It was a good day though, but sensory overload for sure. Way more people, noise, and smells than I'm used to.

So far, New York has been mostly rain, which is a bummer. Spent some time at the bar in Greenwood Lake to kill time while it poured. We made friends with a guy named Richard at the bar. He's a NYPD cop and was a first responder on 9/11. He offered to let us sleep at his place that night. We gladly took the generosity and a free place to stay. Watched some hockey, drank some beer, and heard some awesome stories from a cop in NYC. Great guy!

Slowly but surely trudging out the miles.

1430 miles down, 756 miles to go.


  1. That pizza looks heavenly and looks like you met some (creature) friends along the way! Doing great Dave - keep it up!!

  2. That bear is cray. You should invite him to hang with us down here in GA, plenty of his bear brethren here.