Sunday, August 18, 2013

AT video is done!

Finished all the editing on my Appalachian Trail video and got it uploaded. Its a little longer than I anticipated, but I couldn't bring myself to cut anything.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!


  1. Dave, I have been following your blog for awhile, and congrats on your success! The video was great.

    I'm 61, and thru hiking next year. Gear is always an interesting discussion, and I'd be interested in your take on what worked for you, and what you changed from when you started. An example: my ULA Catalyst is almost 3 pounds, yet comfortable, with stays, etc. Always trade-offs...

    Anyhow, best wishes with your next challenges!

  2. Taco, the video is fantastic. So whatever happened to the moose video you worked so hard for? I enjoyed much the time with you. Can't wait to finish next year! Highliner

    1. Highliner! hey buddy! Ohhh the moose video...I know. I realized I had forgot to put it in once the video was already uploaded. So much for sprinting after the moose at full speed with a pack on. Its the thought that counts right?? Hope all is well, can't wait for you to finish that last part. The 100 mile is over-hyped! Mt. K however, is not. Awesome awesome mountain. Let me know if you need a hiking buddy for the home stretch!

    2. Hey. I think about going back every day, and it's been almost 3 months. Section hiking does that to you. My plans are to go around Labor Day and take about 8 days. For once I will not push so hard. I'm bringing my youngest son and two of his best friends. My wife will meet us at the end, and I will likely cry. I'm sure you said it half kiddingly, but if you want to do the 100 mile wilderness again, come. It would be an honor.

      After you left I ended up camping off and on with Wideload and Moose. We walked into Monson together. What's funny is I had the legs to finish; I was so close but had to come home, so the dream continues. The Whites and western Maine was the hardest hiking I have ever done. My knees hurt for a month. The pictures of the Whites give me goose bumps.

      In two years I want to hike the John Muir Trail!

      So have you adjusted to life, gotten married, or found a job yet? Was great hearing from you. The crowd I met on the trail this year was the best ever.

      And the best mile on the AT is the Notch! It rained the entire time I was there but I loved it! Take Care.

    3. I'm pretty sure we all have those same thoughts hah. When you're out there , you never think you're going to miss it as much as you end up missing it. But that's the beauty of being a section hiker! You have an excuse to go back out again. I'm jealous.

      I would love to have an excuse to get back out there. I will definitely keep your trip in mind. IT all depends on where I am come that time. That's great you have the final part planned out, very pumped for you to knock it out!

      And I believe you had the legs to finish. You were a much stronger hiker than you gave yourself credit for. You and my buddies both. I still think its a hilarious that the Notch was their first mile on the AT haha.

      Me and Long Gone are joking around and planning a PCT thru hike, maybe 2016 heh. I need a couple of years off. And yea, I want to do the JMT too. NBC actually did it in 11 days!

      I suppose I've adjusted to normal life again, though I did sleep out in my hammock on the deck the other night... No marriage yet, and I'm trying to get a job at a local outfitter, so we'll see how that pans out.

      It was great hiking with you man, thanks for keeping my buddies company and showing them the ropes!

      I have a few pics and videos with you in them. Interested? I could email them to you. Let me know.

      Take care!

    4. Yes, send anything you have, including moose video to me at I read a WhiteBlaze post a week or so ago about a guy who had hiked the PCT and then the AT. His comments essentially amounted to the AT kicked his butt and was so much harder.

      NBC is a beast! Long Gone also. Regarding Chris and Kyle, I agree regarding their keeping up, particularly as they started at the notch. I was surprised as I kept waiting for one to faulter. I'm fairly strong after the first three days. But not when compared to a four month thru. I felt the difference.

      I'll send you a note sometime next year. Maybe you would like to re-hike a few miles!

      Thanks much.